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Private Events

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 We come to you. We have a minimum requirement of 8 participants, depending on your location. We have over 40 projects in our collection to choose from. If you would like a project not listed, you may request a custom shape. You may view project choices, prices and sizes at on our PROJECTS page. Each person can pick out their own individual project. Everyone does not have to make the same thing. 


We have over 30 different tile colors and styles to choose from that we will teach you how to cut. You can develop your own design or use our samples. If you wish to stay in a certain budget, we will be more than happy to accommodate. Event times average 2 hours, we plus a half hour each for set up and breakdown. 



We DO NOT charge a fee for private events we only charge the price of the project. Prices range from $35 - $75 depending on the size. Payments will be collected at the online and at the event. We take cash, credit cards and Venmo.  Included in the price is all materials, tools and instruction to help you to make a one of a kind piece of art work. We also give you a take home grouting kit that includes grout, instructions with a link to a how-to video on our website. Grouting has to be done the next day or later as the glue adhesive has to dry.



Set up requires about 20 – 30 minutes prior to event start time. We need space for our 6’ table for our supplies. We provide set up, break down and table coverings for your table(s) and ours. Call or text to see what dates we have available that may work for your special event. We will send you an invitation to email out or post with all the information about your event. Included on that invitation are the links your guests can click on to view the project choices and to email us their project choices. Please feel free to CONTACT me should you have any other questions or concerns about our private mosaic events at 

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