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Fluid Artistry Workshop

Cost: $45



In this workshop, you will learn how to prep your acrylic paint for pours and experiment with different pouring techniques while creating your very own piece of fluid art. Explore your creativity and enjoy the the interactions of the paint colors as they flow and blend into a unique, individual look.


What's Included:
- Project demonstration - 1.5 - 2  hours of creativity
- Pick your project shape at Workshop

- Choose from: 

                             10"-12" Wood Shape or

                             Set of 4  - 4" Stone Coasters or   
- All paints, tools, instructions, and materials.
- Gloves & aprons

- Paintings are recommended to stay for 24-48 hours.  If traveling and need to take your project boxes will be provided for transport. Shipping a lsoavailable, 

- Appropriate for ages 5 - Adult

Address: 12 24th Avenue, Seaside Park, NJ08752

Parking: Driveway, street parking on 24th Avenue, Island Beach Motor large parking lot at end of 24th Avenue or Rt. 35/Central in the center by Bum Rogers.


If possible, please bring non-perishable food items, cleaning, laundry supplies or paper goods for donation to the Union Church of Seaside Park Food Pantry.  Thank you.

Fluid Artistry Workshop

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